Porterhouse steak

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This is a steak I prepared with a touch of salt, pepper and basil … that is all there is to it. I prepared it in a CI griddle in a little EVOO for 3 minutes on each side and afterward in a preheated 400 ° stove for 10 minutes. The ideal medium steak. However, it’s these french fries that I truly needed to impart to you. I took a few medium-sized reddish brown potatoes (with skin), washed them, dried them well, warmed them in the microwave for around 7-8 minutes, let them cool, and afterward cut them to a thickness of 1/4 inch. Season with salt, pepper and basil, then in a skillet preheated with EVOO until the two sides are fresh and brilliant. While the potatoes are as yet hot, sprinkle the ground cheddar on top and put the squashed bacon on top. These potatoes are extremely delicate and feathery within and firm outwardly.


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