Chocolate wafers with cream

This Chocolate Wafer Icebox Cake has an exquisite show, and consistently a group pleaser!

Non-bread cooks… here is your cake! You don’t need to heat to serve an awesome pastry! This Chocolate wafer fridge cake is really simple and no one has to know exactly how simple. The fresh wafer treats are layered with sweet whip cream which thusly mellow the treats flawlessly as they chill for the time being. The main troublesome thing about this formula is waitin

Last month my folks gave me an old formula book that once had a place with my distant grandmother, albeit some of which is truly challenging to peruse. This is one formula I had the option to at minimum see the greater part of, I just needed to two or three changes. I don’t recall truly having had a refrigerator cake as a youngster yet I’m certain I did. It is rich and wanton and totally tasty! It’s an incredible go to cake for engaging, your visitor will be very intrigued.



° 1 cup (250 ml) crumbled chocolate wafers

° 250 ml (1 cup) 35% cream

° 1/2 can of 300 ml sweetened condensed milk

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